HI everyone!

My name is Blanca Moriyón and I study a degree in Communication. I´m from and currently live in Madrid.

I decided to begin this blog because there are a lot of daily issues that interest me, such as politics and human rights, but also anything related to culture: art, music, dance, cinema, theatre…

My goal is to become a fair and as objective as possible journalist and to have my own TV program in which I can interview the most influent people in the world about issues of concern to society as a whole.

My three passions in life are acting, travelling and reading. I also enjoy writing and exposing my points of view and I would love you to share yours with me about anything you like! If you want me to write or research about any specific issue please tell me and I will certainly do so!

In this blog you will actually find a bit of everything: news, current events, cinema, music, exhibitions… but I must say I also enjoy taking pictures and fashion. Therefore, my gallery will be full of pictures of a variety of things I like or find interesting! Again, if you have any image you like for any specific reason send it to me and I will share it.

I hope this blog serves as a useful and interesting tool for all of you and we can create an interactive platform of discussion and sharing of ideas.


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